About Me

“The music is within me, the music is medicine. I feel the music journeying through my soul as the blood courses through my body: essential, life-giving, nourishing, nurturing, sustaining. I am the music and the music is me.”  - Antonina, 2019


I was very musical as a child, and would get attention from adults by breaking into Mary Had a Little Lamb – right on key! I was involved in chorus, band, musicals and repeatedly singing camp songs! After a musical hiatus from ages 14-28, I discovered voice and guitar classes at Cabrillo College and dove into vocal music with a passion, participating in Cabrillo Chorale, Unity Choir, Pacific Voices, Roaring Camp Players, Mountain Community Theater, women’s vocal ensembles Zambra and No Divas, Aria Women’s Choir and Inner Light Choir.

Notes from Nature

My first burst of songwriting was in the 1990s and early 2000s when many original songs came through me, relatively effortlessly. I released my CD Notes from Nature in 2001 showcasing 14 songs, including 10 originals. It is primarily folk/singer-songwriter/girl-with-guitar music, with a few other styles in the mix. Since then I’ve written a few short rounds and chants, but no full-length songs for 15 years!

Suzanne Morrow - My Inspiration

Several years ago, I mentioned to my friend and poet Suzanne Morrow that it would be fun to put some of her poetry to music. We agreed that it was a good idea but didn’t pursue it at the time. Suzanne writes of hope, connection, and compassion, while deeply grounded in Spirit and the natural world. Inspired by the great masters Rumi, Hafiz and Kabir, Suzanne weaves wonder, musings, and questions and makes powerful declarations of a better world.


In March of 2017, I began the Momentum program, a year-long artist immersion and transformational growth journey that fosters connection with creativity through group support, structure, accountability and fun! I decided to revive the earlier idea of setting Suzanne’s beautiful poetry to music.

My intention for that year was to release limiting beliefs and be courageous, committed, and focused – to feel the fear and do it anyway. I sought to create textures, colors and feelings through melodies & rhythms. I desired to cultivate deeper connection with Spirit and creativity in a pure and uncluttered way, and to authentically claim myself as a musician!

Here is a quote from my journal during the Momentum year: “Ah, Momentum! What a wonderful feeling to be experiencing forward motion. It’s so unusual for me to be moving forward AND have a vision AND have enthusiasm AND motivation AND energy. I’m on fire! I’ve never, ever, said that before!”

Heart of All That Matters

So I kept on creating and persisting, and I produced my CD Heart of All That Matters, released in January 2020! I put 8 of Suzanne’s poems to music, and the rest of the tunes are originals.

Thank you to Ray Shaffer who filled many roles: recording engineer, producer, friend and musician, all with an impeccable ear, a good sense of humor, and seemingly infinite patience.

To learn more about Heart of All That Matters Heart of All That Matters click here!